Burnstop and Pelicoat:
the combination for a long life expectancy

Tijdens het autoclaaf productieproces, gebruikt de Fire-Proof BVBA 2 unieke producten: 
De Burnstop IM-W475HP en de Pelicoat Pro Wood

Burnstop IM-W475HP

The Burnstop IM-W475HP (High Pressure), is a combination of fire retardant phosphates, developed especially for Fire-Proof BVBA, to achieve the best results during high-pressure autoclave treatments.

Pelicoat Pro Wood

Pelicoat Pro Wood is a water and oil-resistant product, with an anti-graffiti action. Your house fronts and exterior walls in wood are protected from damage to intruding water due to rain, oil and pollution.

Pelicoat Pro Wood can be applied after a fire retardant autoclave treatment with the fire retardant Burnstop products.

Wood treated with the Burnstop products and the Pelicoat Pro Wood have a fire retardant, hydro and oleo phobic operation with a life span of 10 years