Fire-Proof BV, your specialist for fire retardant impregnation of wood under vacuum pressure, in an autoclave

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Why Autoclave?

For many years Fire-Proof bvba has been a partner of building contractors, woodtraders, joiners and façade builders with regards to fire resistant vacuum pressure treatments of wood After an autoclave treatment, wood will reach the highest possible European fire resistance class Bs2(s1)d0. This is possible for both indoor and outdoor applications.

European legislation has required wooden facades of medium-sized buildings to require a Bs3d1 fire resistance class. In order to obtain this classification, wood must be treated in an autoclave under vacuum pressure.

Testing and reports for your project

Fire-Proof bvba advises its clients in the legislative field and also helps with the preparation of official tests.

Fire-Proof bvba owns an extensive portfolio of fire retardant tests on wood, carried out at Exova WarringtonFire Gent.

For testing new and less common wood types, Fire-Proof can also assist with research, thanks to its expertise and a special mini-autoclave for test projects.

About us

Mr. Christiaan Vogt has been active in all aspects of fire safety for more than 15 years. With his company Fire-Proof, he is still one of the leading companies in this sector.

On this webpage you can find information about our core business: fire retardant autoclave treatments of wood.

Fire-Proof specialises in the fireproof treatment of wood, textiles, cardboard, reed and X-mas trees. In addition to the fireproof treatment of wood in its autoclave, Fire-Proof also supplies products that offer optimal fire resistance, fire suppression, fire retardancy, fire prevention and compartmentalisation.

We are always available for all your questions about fire safety.

All on one site

Fire-Proof has a collaboration with Yepp NV from Turnhout for these vacuum treatments. 

We have a large hangar at their site, where we carry out the treatments in 38000L voluminous autoclave, follow the drying process and, after drying planks or kepers, re-bag the wood on large mobile racks.

The entire treatment process is carried out, on our site, at Yepp NV.

10 year warranty with Pelicoat PRO Wood

For outdoor applications, the wood must be protected with a water-repellent coating, the Pelicoat PRO Wood.

For this purpose, the Product Developer of Fire-Proo,f has develeopped a unique product on the market that was tested at the WTCB.

These aging tests have shown that the Pelicoat Pro Wood coating can protect the fire retardant autoclave treatment for 10 years.

Do you have questions about autoclave treatments?